Craig Woerpel

I started telling stories in high school when Doug Fix, a teacher at the Escanaba High School, allowed me to join the yearbook class without taking the prerequisite course. I started working at the Delta Reporter while still in high school as a photographer and sports writer.

While in college, I started working for WJMN-TV3 Green Bay with Terry Williams in the Upper Peninsula and 680 WDBC-AM. I took a job in Washington D.C. and soon realized I was a Yooper after all and moved back to Escanaba.

After 16 years working at my own media business, I was again back at 680 WDBC-AM . Today, I not only cover the news, I also have a morning show at the station and host an outdoor show.

There is no place I'd rather live than the Upper Peninsula.

This podcast features the community interviews I do Monday through Friday on 94.5 FM and 680 AM WDBC.
Connecting with the people, events and newsmakers of Escanaba and the Upper Peninsula
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