To raise funds for Delta County Non-Motorized Trails, Brewmaster Mike Sattem at Hereford and Hops is brewing a Kölsch beer with sprigs of Blue Spruce added. 

The new growth cut from trees at the Escanaba Country Club will be added at the end of the process.

Sattem says the spruce infused beer will be light and refreshing. 

Delta County Non-Motorized Trails is finishing up a year of several trail projects. So far, they have finished constructing three miles of single track mountain biking trail at the Days River Pathway. Rick Elrod says they hope to create up to 12 miles of new trail when it’s done.

Other projects have included work on the West Side Recreation Trail in Escanaba. They plan to start a biking trail at the Gladstone Sports Park.

Paula Jordan, events coordinator at the Bonifas Arts Center, says the annual Northern Exposure exhibit opens Nov. 12 and runs through the end of December. Artists are still being sought for the Holiday Arts Fair that will be held Nov. 6. Jordan also runs through the many classes and workshops through November.

State Rep. Beau LaFave wants to eliminate the permit needed to carry a concealed pistol and require Conservation Officers with the Department of Natural Resources to wear body cameras. He also wants the traditional handicap logo to show more motion in a new sign design and compensate local governments for revenue lost to disabled veterans exempt from property taxes. LaFave says the new legislative boundaries will not pass the courts and he is receiving endorsements for his run for Secretary of State.

The Gladstone City Commission approved the purchase of property in the North Shore Development Project area. Commissioner Brad Mantella says it will help to find a developer for the project. He also provided a North 15th Street Project update, an electric department asset management plan, a new shipping container ordinance and marina pump out station grant.

Rory Mattson with the Delta Conservation District says cleanup of the Escanaba River was completed last week and cleanup of the Wells Township property in the Bay View Location is about complete.He says efforts are now being made to get funding for Phase 4 in preparation of the Hannahville Indian Community development project. It includes water and wastewater for that part of the township from Gladstone or Escanaba.

Mike Sattem is looking to return to the Escanaba City Council. He says he misses attending city meetings and being involved in issues. The election is Nov. 2. He would like to see more done to upgrade city roads and encourage the construction of condos in the city. 

Escanaba Mayor Marc Tall says he enjoys serving as mayor and would like to continue as a member of the Escanaba City Council. The city election is Nov. 2. His priority continues to be fixing roads. He also talks about expanding the capacity of the wastewater treatment plant,  operating the 911 Central Dispatch independently of the city and the progress of the Escanaba Downtown Development Authority.

Kathy LeDuc is directing the Players de Noc members who are portraying figures from Escanaba's past who are buried at the Lakeview Cemetery. The Cemetery Walk will be held tonight and Saturday. LeDuc joins Sam Komay in describing the event. Promises to be howling good time.

Escanaba Mayor Marc Tall and Escanaba City Manager Patrick Jordan address the call for more transparency on the investigation of what happened to money connected to the development project of the former county jail property. They also discuss Jordan's job evaluation and other items from last night's city council meeting.

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